Episode #2. If you’re one of those engineers that believes live-sound is a “thankless job” then you desperately need a fresh perspective plus a new approach, because nothing could be further from the truth. After 10+ years mixing at one of America’s most beloved and well respected live music venues I’m now sharing what I’ve learned about establishing rapport and strengthening relationships with performers. Because mixing skills and having a good ear can only take you so far if you neglect the personal side of the engineer/performer relationship. So that’s what this video is about; all those little details and small actions that instill confidence and convey your professionalism in a way that will turn musicians (and your peers) into your biggest, most vocal fans. This is a step by step guide of what to consider from the moment you arrive at the gig right up to the start of the sound-check.

A huge thank you to the awesome Bob Dossa for all of his hard work shooting and editing around all of my mistakes and awkward nervousness while in front of the camera. You can find him and much more of his work at http://www.rainydayrun.com

Please share with engineers, musicians and/or anyone that performs on a stage. Thank you for your support!

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